Lessons Archive for Email1K Alumni Only

Lesson 0: Work Backwards from Your Goal
Set a daily goal and stick to it

Lesson 1: The 2% Rule
You should always be aiming to collect at least 2% of your traffic

Lesson 2: Creating Popular Content
Reverse engineer the best content by finding what is resonating with your audience

Lesson 3: Content Upgrades
Create post specific upgrades to turn traffic into email subscribers

Lesson 4: Syndication
Scale your content and pitch large sites

Lesson 5: Improving Calls to Action
Use the Giving Gary Framework to offer true value to visitors

Lesson 6: Joint Venture Webinars
Combine forces with other bloggers to target your perfect email subscribers en masse

Lesson 7: Giveaways
Let your audience share your perfect prize through a viral giveaway

Lesson 8: 5 Landing Pages
The top 5 landing pages every blog and site should be using

Lesson 9: Focus Your Homepage
Make your homepage the #1 place to collect email addresses

Lesson 10: Email Courses
Deepen your relationship with customers and drive new subscribers to your site

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